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Shipping and Returns

Dear Customer,

At Wolf Business Products & Wolf Promo Products we endeavor to provide excellent customer service.

We are happy to provide a quotation with freight before charging your card at your request:

email your quotation request to:

If you are not satisfied with your product please notify us with in 15 days of receiving your item. Our primary goal in doing business with your company or any individual purchases is your satisfaction.

Feel free to call immediately and even after hours to leave a voicemail with your concern.

Phone: 631-868-7273

Kardex Items:  Kardex the Manufacturer only accepts "approved by the factory returns" of course is something is damaged when received then it should be refused. Otherwise returns for Kardex are only accepted if the factory approves a return on a case by case basis. The factory when approving a return charges a 25% restocking charge. Feel free to call with any questions or email:

•••A word about Kardex Products•••

Kardex closed its factory in 2009, at this time Kardex recommended Wolf Visible Products as a substitute manufacture since our factory made many of the Kardex products.
Wolf Promo Products the main company for Wolf Business Products has substitutes for most Kardex products including Pockets, Cabinets, Medical Panels, and many more the the products you are used to employing in your business.  Visible Products are simply a type of product where at the bottom of each Pocket there is a Visible Tab where you can see what you have written on the card you insert into the pocket.  We have many Visible Products to choose from. 

We leave the Kardex Products on our web site so that former Kardex customers can find our web site and then we can help you find a product that is most likely stronger as we use metal hinges on our pockets.  Kardex did a great business on pockets since they eventually would wear out and break.  Our Pockets use metal hinges that do not wear out over time like the Kardex Lug Pockets or the Plastic Pockets.

Please call:  631-868-7273 or email: with your inquiry for a Kardex Product and we will find a suitable product that will do exactly the same thing
your Kardex Product did.  We also carry a line that has pockets that can accept 8 x 5, 6 x 4 or 5 x 3 Inch Cards inserted into the clear tab at the bottom of the pocket and slots into the die cuts on the Pocket.

Wolf Promo has supplied Visible Filing Products including Victor Kardex since 1979, let us be your main source for your Visible Filing needs.

Wolf Promo Products the owner of Wolf Business Products has not had a problem with any Kardex item in the last 3 years. It is always well packed and leaves the factory in pristine condition.

For Overseas orders:

Duties and Taxes are the customers responsibility. Kardex orders would be under: General Filing Devices as a category for Customs. Since there are many variables
when it comes to Shipping Overseas once the order is received Kardex and Wolf
Promo/Wolf Business Products will investigate the best way to insure and ship
the products, while looking for the most cost effective manner to safeguard and
have timely  shipping.

The shipping prices quoted on all orders are for domestic orders only. International
orders have to be recalculated and the best and least expensive method will
be employed and we will email the results to the customer. No order will be
shipped with additional shipping fees without the customers approval.

Please email with any questions or concerns:

The customer is responsible for any additional fees from the manufacturer or the freight carrier (usually UPS) for overseas shipping. The utmost responsibility and
thoroughness will be shown to find the best and least expensive price possible
for freight and insurance, and safety of the products.

All International Orders

The customer is responsible for the products for all overseas orders once we ship internationally (When it leaves the USA.)  Any international order will be insured with the carrier for any potential damage for at least the full value of the merchandise. Additional insurance is available upon request. International Shipping is additional and will be quoted upon receiving an order before shipping the product.

General Shipping Policy

Shipping will always be double checked.  In some cases for some products the correct shipping charge cannot be calculated by merchandise manager and must be done manually. The customer will always be contacted if the posted or order charge for shipping is incorrect and has the option of a refund or cancelling the order.  VIDS/MAF boards, Display Cases, Trophy Cases and other items may require special handling.  In most cases the shipping will remain the same and when a change is necessary again, the customer will be notified.

Returns and Refunds

A small fee is charged by Paypal for refunds and will be accessed to the customer.  The customer will be advised of the fee at the time of the refund. When a customer uses a credit card and a fee will be accessed for a refund the customer has the option not to cancel to avoid the fee.  Alternatives are available such as ordering a different product and having the payment applied to the customers choice of that alternative product.

When a customer uses a Corporate Card to pay for an order and a refund is requested the maximum fee will be 3.29% of the total plus $1.00 transaction fee.

If there is no fee payable by Wolf Promo Products then no fee will be charged to the customer.

 In some cases the manufacture will charge a restocking fee usually not to exceed 25% and the customer
will be advised when a restocking fee applies. (Wolf Visible Products this only applies to small Pocket orders and
is based on the approval of the manufacturer, in most cases goods delivered in new condition are not returnable, any return needs approval from the Manufacturer).

Wolf Visible Cabinets and Display Cases are Custom Products, made to order and as such are not returnable once delivered in new condition.

All Wolf Visible Products are Custom and Made to order and as such are not returnable as long as they are
delivered in new condition.

Wolf Visible Products and Kardex Substitute Products are made from scratch (Custom Made to Order), when delivered in new condition are not returnable.  Our New Product, Lion Office Products, Visible Book Units and Removable Pockets are Custom Made and are not Returnable as long as delivered in new condition.  On occasion the factory will make an exception at their discretion and include a 20 to 30% Restocking Fee.  Wolf Promo Products decision is final on a order by order basis.  Evidence such as a picture may be requested to show the item
is new. Any return must be requested immediately upon receipt of the product, within 24 hours.

Steven Backer, Pres.

Wolf Promo Products
Wolf Business Products
Phone:  631-868-7273
Fax:      866-788-7143

*All Pricing subject to change without notice due to rising costs of Products *

All Shipping prices will be double checked for accuracy and if not correct customer will be advised and always has the option to cancel if not happy with the Shipping Charge.  In most cases the Shipping will remain the same but on occasion the system does not calculate the correct charge and the customer will be notified.

• Discounts will be accessed on an individual basis for International Orders.

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