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Prices listed on this web site are regularly updated to reflect the Manufacturers pricing. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Whenever possible the management will do their best to give the pricing listed on the web site Wolf Business Products but if the manufacturer changes their pricing without notice or if there is an error then the correct price will be sent to the customer.

Discounts will be accessed on an individual basis for International Orders.

Order by Phone (631-868-7273) Or Online, Use Paypal if you like or you can use the option to Place Order Online and you do not need a Paypal Account but Paypal will accept your order. Paypal accepts credit cards without registering for an account by clicking on "Don't Have a Paypal Account? Pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card as a Paypal Guest" All Major Credit Cards Accepted! You can also Place your Order by Email:

In some cases Merchant Manager, the Shopping Cart for Wolf Business Products, does not calculate the correct shipping charge for orders. In these cases and any other cases of an incorrect price (either and error or a manufacturers changed price) the customer will always be notified before the order is placed with the correct information and given the option to cancel the order with a full refund.

In regards to Kardex or Wolf Visible Data Products- Kardex stopped manufacturing their Visible data products in early 2010.  Wolf Visible Products are substituted for Various Kardex Products. Kardex has been left up on the web site so that any customer who is interested can have a substitute product that is

2017 Update on Kardex and Wolf Visible

Update on Kardex and Wolf Visible:
  Kardex and Wolf Visible Data  Products
are no longer available since their Factories have Closed. Wolf Visible Book Units and Wolf Visible Trays and More are Still Available.  The First 5 Products are available on the Wolf Visible Book Units Page. Ask about what can be
used as a substitute for your Kardex or other Visible Products; we have been supplying Visible Products, Books, Trays and More since 1979.

Wolf Promo Products the Parent company of Wolf Business Products welcomes any questions you might have about any of our Products.

Our Primary Goal is Customer Satisfaction so please call or email if you have any questions.

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